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I’m a huge fan of illustrator John Hendrix and love his sketchbook series ‘Drawing in Church’.  Here are just a few of his wonderful pages. Be sure to stop by John’s site to check out more of his fantastic work. He’s very generous about sharing his process, which you can see on his blog. Also, he has a great Q&A on his site if you’re interested in learning more about him.

From John’s Blog: “Drawing in my sketchbook is the very best part of my work. I love it because it is linear improvisation. Much like jazz, it is unpredictable, exciting and unfiltered. Often with very good and very bad results. I attend church every Sunday, and I draw during the sermon. All of these pages were done in a pew (though I don’t bring my watercolors with me- that waits till I get home). Simultaneous drawing and listening transforms familiar language into something new- a feedback loop of symbols, theology and wonder.”

» John Hendrix’s site
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  1. These are amazing – so inspiring and such interesting compositions.

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